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Introductory Program

Those who are new to Pilates focus on basic Pilates techniques, breathing, proper alignment and working from you “powerhouse”.

Includes 10 private 55 minute sessions.

Pilates Sessions

Private Sessions: One-on-one instruction, customized according to your fitness level and your body’s specific needs. This allows you to maximize the benefits of Pilates to produce optimum results.

*Duet Sessions (2 clients): It can be a lot of fun to workout with a f riend! Pilates duets are a great way to reap the benefits of Pilates at a lower cost and you and a friend can help motivate one another. You can choose your own partner or the studio can find you a partner who’s abilities are similar to your own.

*Semi-Private Sessions (3-4 clients): These sessions include 3-4 people in a class taught by one instructor. You will achieve a great workout at a more affordable price!

Mat Classes (20 clients Max.): Mat involves a series of over a hundred exercises using props and your own body weight for resistan ce. These exercises assist in improving overall strength, flexibility, and are an integral part of developing a long and lean Pilates body.

*Clients must have completed the introductory package before taking duet or semi-private lessons.